For retired assets that do not contain critical data, the techBOX™ is a perfect disposal solution and offers complete containment-to-disposal management. The flat rate includes containment, processing, transportation, recycling, and a detailed audit report with Certificate of Destruction.


  • techBOX™ creates a protected and designated space for the collection and containment of retired IT assets.*
  • We drop it off, you fill it up, and we pick it up. It is that simple.
  • Three sizes available: techBOX™ 50, techBOX™ 25 and techBOX™ 10.
  • We honor a zero landfill policy and the final disposition of all equipment will be to either reuse, resell, or recycle in accordance to EPA and ISO 14001 guidelines.
*Hard drives, CDs, DVDs, phones and tablets are like-devices that contain data and are NOT TO BE PLACED IN techBOX CONTAINERS.  To comply with United States and International regulations, customer data must be protected onsite by the owner. AFTER data bearing devices are wiped, they can be transported freely in techBOX® containers.

iso-14001 certified

Additional information

Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 38.5 × 28.5 × 43.5 in